Adhyayan Academy

Adhyayan Academy is working to build up a strong & result oriented educational institute. This will provide career guidance for all prospective students. We will provide the proper guidance & educational assistance to fulfil their dreams. We are looking forward in the position of largest Educational & Social Service Group.

The rapid growth of Adhyayan Academy is aptly attributed to its highly professional style of coaching. All this could be possible only due to the blessings of God, proper management at the institute, timely feedback from the students and parents regarding their level of satisfaction and follow up action to plug the shortcomings, pointed out by the students and parents.

Lots of satisfied students and proud parents are a true testimony of our success. Today Adhyayan Academy stands out in the crowd and is held in high esteem.


For Schools - 12 years
Insights & Strategy - 10 years
Media Research - 8 years
Marketing Data - 7 years
Happy Students
Successful Results %


  • Well planned comprehensive study plan backed by exclusive study package.
  • The course is completed well in time to the satisfaction of students.
  • Topic wise comprehensive tests are conducted in line with CBSE pattern.
  • Results & Assessment report will be delivered to the parents at residence by post.
  • Best and Experienced faculty support.
  • Special attention has been paid to keep the language simple and information relevant.
  • Class work is followed by home assignments, which are thoroughly checked by the faculty and discussed in subsequent classes.
  • The administrator maintains progress record of each individual student for follow up, which could include special assignments, notes and additional classes.
  • Close supervision on attendance and necessary feedback to parents.
  • Parents / Guardians are welcome to meet faculty members any time besides of PTM.
  • Regular feedback for the students to increase their level of satisfaction.
  • Personal attention.